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Even well-though-out funds can be destabilized by sudden emergency situations. You can easily get messed up with confusion where to get cash. Luckily, you have plan B. Just go online and find a lender that will offer you the exact amount of money you need. Our overview of Cash Central will give you a clear insight of lender’s operations, as well as types of online loans provided and main benefits of getting online payday loans from this lender.

Cash Central is a secure licensed lender that serves the financial needs of online clients. It offers you online short –term loans anytime you want to cope with financial emergency. The firm has an automated safe system so that you can get an online payday loan in a matter of seconds.

Cash Central is legitimate in states where it functions. It is also a member of Community Choice Financial Inc. that operates as a consumer finance company since 2011. They offer their services in more than 20 states where they cover more than 500 locations.

What Is It: A Payday Loan?

Regardless of your income level, many face a shortage of funds before wages. Unplanned large purchases, the need to buy medicines, clothes and other things, become the reason for the lack of money for current expenses.

It is not difficult to resolve this problem. Payday loans online are one of the names of such advance cash loans online. Compared to a bank loan, “money up to paycheck” is distinguished by a short time period (up to 30 days) and a small amount (usually from $100 and up to $5,000). Thanks to the activities of direct lenders, you can get paycheck money online. This opportunity – to get a loan online for consumer needs, appeared relatively recently. Despite this, thousands of clients have used these financial services and positively characterize the online lending service.

The main advantages of such a cash credit are:

  • fast registration;
  • simple procedure;
  • convenience – you can get a quick loan without leaving your home;
  • loyalty to customers.

Unlike banks, online lenders provide financial help up to paycheck around the clock, transferring funds to a bank card, without a check of income, collateral, guarantors.

Cash Central Lending Offer

Cash Central will save your time realizing your need for a fast cash advance. It will provide you with a full range of professional services. Here, you will face:

  • Approved pay day loans online within 24 hours;
  • A reliable and legitimate lender;
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality policy;
  • First – grade client support;
  • Loans up to $5000 according to your state.

Cash Central Payday Loans Online Types

Cash Central will offer you different loan types depending on your purposes and needs. The basic types include:

  • Payday loans;
  • Installment loans;
  • Title loans;
  • Lines of credit.

To understand what loan is better for you, you should define your credit purpose. Make an informed decision, applying for a Cash Central loan and sticking to all their requirements.

A Cash Central Payday Loan Online

Cash Central will give you fast money to cover your financial needs till your forthcoming paycheck. Payday loans should be paid off on a fixed agreed date. Visit the lender’s website to figure out if your state is covered. The “Terms and Rates” link will display the active states. There is an interactive map on the website and active locations are highlighted. For example, in Alabama and Tennessee, you can get up to $500 for a period of 10-30 days, in Idaho, the sum will comprise $800 for 4-35 days, etc.

Installment Loans

When you’re about to invest in large purchases, you can easily make use of this best credit type. Installment loans should be paid off by installments within a definite time. The amounts of such credits can be up to $5000 depending on the state and its laws.

However, pay attention to APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that is a rate of interest that will be charged on an installment credit. It also charges application fees of about $25 - $75. As a rule, this fee is already involved into your APR. The lender’s standard APR is 180%. According to your credit situation your rate will be either higher or lower.

Car Title Loans

Title loans are perfect for those clients who have bad credit history but own a vehicle and need money. The lender will give you up to $25 000 according to the value of your vehicle. Such loans can be paid off within a few months, depending on the agreement and the amount of borrowed cash. But there’s no option to apply for such loan online since it requires the inspection of the vehicle and the submission of documents in the flesh.

Lines Of Credit

This credit facility is used in cases of instable incomes or projects to-be. It’s a preset sum of money that you can get when you need it. It’s like a credit card. You should simply make regular payment of interest of the borrowed funds and they’re available for you again.

Instant Pay Day Loans Approval

At Cash Central, you do not have to wait for a long time just to find out if your application is approved or not. You will get you cash directly on your checking account. This is done by using the Green Dot network. Go on the website and check if your card is accepted by the Green Dot. It is even possible to get your payday loan online on holidays and weekends. So, you will be able to pay your bills via this money at different outlets virtually today.

Where And When Will I Get My Cash Central Loan?

You will get cash directly on your checking account. The transaction won’t take long, less than 24 hours on working days. If you succeed to apply for the credit before 7:45 pm from Monday to Thursday, the money will be on your card the following working day. If you submit an application from Friday to Sunday, before 7:45 pm, the money will appear on your account on Monday.

Cash Central Benefits

The Cash Central service is confidential and convenient. The system is safeguarded, so you can be sure your information won’t be stolen since the lender strictly adheres to the compulsory set of Industry Best Practices.

The process of application is simple and can be submitted whenever you want and you do not need to look for a bank near me. You will receive your money immediately.

There is no credit check when you are pre-approved. Thus, your credit scores stay untapped.

Cash Central is registered and authorized in states where it functions and provides payday loans online. On their website, you can find the list of active states. If you have any queries you can always contact their client support that is available for you 24/7.

Is It Worth Taking Online Payday Loans At Cash Central?

From time to time unforeseen circumstances may throw people off balance and the thought ‘I need money’. That can happen for a variety of reasons. If you have determined to apply for a payday loan near you, then don’t forget to check the list of active states that will offer your online payday loans.

No one is safe from money emergencies; they can happen at any time. But to get approval of the loan, Cash Central has some requirements. They key of them are:

  • You are at least 18 years;
  • Your income is verifiable;
  • You must designate your Social security number;
  • You have an actual checking account;
  • You must indicate your 2 valid phone numbers.

For your information, Cash Central offers payday loans in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

How Installment Loans Work At Cash Central

Cash Central offers installment loans to clients who prefer a more extended repayment schedule. This is a huge advantage when you need a big sum of money. You can pay back the loan by monthly installments in a specific period of time (it can take up to 24 months).

Installment loans have fixed interest rates so you don’t have to worry about a boosting interest rate, as you know what to expect.

Cash Central Installment loans provide you an option for any credit scores. Even if your credit history is poor, the lender doesn’t consider it as a determining factor. You can demonstrate other documents that prove your income.

The requirements of applying are the same as defined above, as well as available states: Alabama, Alaska, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Cash Central Client Support

The lender’s website is user-friendly and convenient. All information is well-organized so that you can apply for payday loans or any other credits just in a snap. And to be completely certain that your application will be approved, remember that you must be at least 18 years, have an active phone number and checking account, as well as a verifiable income.

If you do have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Cash Central Client Support at 1-800-460-4305. It’s always at your disposal 24/7.